Zero Budget Productions
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27.6.2014: CD SILENT KINGDOM - In Search of Eternity (progressive metal with dark atmosphere and ethno elements, BiH)
November 2013: CD DOZËR - Noć za teške priče (thrash/punk, BiH)
2013: CD Hail to BOMBARDER (tribute to legendary Yugoslavian band by a number of Serbian and foreign bands, Srb, Cz, No, Se)
13.5.2013: CD EDAIN - Of Those Who Worship Fire (avantgarde/progressive/experimental heavy/death metal, Cz)
(sold out) 22.2.2013: CD DUOBETIC HOMUNKULUS - Ani já ani ty ... (progressive death metal full of industrial humour, digipack, Cz)
(last copies) December 2012: LP Brno stále v plamenech / Brno still in Flames (compilation of Brno HC/crust/thrash/raw punk, Cz)
14.8.2012: CD DRACO HYPNALIS - Balance of Moments (atmospheric technical classical music inspired death/black metal, Cz)
17.12.2011: CD EDAIN - The Sulphur Breather
(a new song + collection of re-recorded, covered and live tracks, Cz)
3.12.2011: CD SILENT KINGDOM - Path to Oblivion (new excellent album by Bosnian sevdah metal - prog meets black, BiH)
(sold out) 25.8.2011: CD INFEST - Everlasting Genocide (deathrash metal no compromise, Srb)
(last copies) July 2011: CD MOTHERPIG - Nojev let (heavy hardcore'n'roll, bastard child of AMEBIX and MOTÖRHEAD, BiH)
October 2010: CD KRV - Ograma (limited Euro edition of dirty oldschool black, with 5 unreleased bonus tracks, BiH)
(last copies) October 2010: CD BANE - Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness (fast, technical and cold, DISSECTION fans beware, Srb)
22.6.2010: LP CALES - KRF (green vinyl, luxurious cover - epic pagan metal by ex-ROOT's Blackosh, in BATHORY vein, Cz)
(sold out) September 2009: CD INFEST - Onward to Destroy (a death thrash metal riff load ready to destroy all religions, Srb)
(last copies) 1.3.2009: LP SILENT KINGDOM - Legends of an Old Grave (golden vinyl, aternative cover, BiH)
(sold out) 1.10.2008: CD SILENT KINGDOM - Legends of an Old Grave (atmospheric technical black metal with ethno influences, BiH)
(last copies) 2.9.2008: LP Spalte Brno na prach / Burn Brno Down to Ashes (compilation of Brno HC/crust/thrash/raw punk, Cz)
(sold out) 25.1.2008: PIC 7"EP THE STONE - Serbian Woods (diehard package, first demo re-released on vinyl, Srb) 
(sold out) 11.9.2007: CD DRACO HYPNALIS - Imagination (Mozart death/black metal, Cz)
(sold out) 17.7.2007: CD PARASOPHISMA - A Variable Invariability Varied ... (experime[n]tal, Cz)
25.1.2007: LP ABSURD CONFLICT - Point of Crisis
(melodic technical death metal, studio side + live side, Cz)
(sold out) 25.1.2004: 7"EP V.A.R. - Fast Like Bikila
(thrash'n'roll classics, 4 track re-recorded with English lyrics, Cz)
(sold out) 2002: 7"EP SEE YOU IN HELL/THE PUBLIC (split of hardcore/thrash, Prank sound made in Europe, Cz+Sk)